Field Report: AACRAO Transfer & Tech [VIDEO]

Once again CollegeSource was the chief sponsor of AACRAO’s Transfer and Technology conference. Find out what the hot topics were and what our president has to say about transfer shock in this after-action report.

NACAC Calls for Better Transfer Practices

Last week, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) adopted a new Code of Ethics and Professional Practices for (the) College Admission Profession. It is our hope that NACAC members turn to resources like TES and Transferology to help them comply with these new requirements.

A Response to the Closing of ITT

CollegeSource is opening up broader access to the ITT course and catalog data in hopes of working with the higher education community in finding new homes for displaced students.

The First Class of Certified TES Administrators!

At the 2016 CollegeSource Conference we launched an intensive class for TES administrators. Twenty-two individuals graduated as Certified TES Administrators. Learn more about the training and how you might become certified!