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Join the CollegeSource Client Advisory Board

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CollegeSource is searching for new members for the 2015–2016 Client Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB serves as a liaison between CollegeSource and the user community by providing feedback and collaborating with CollegeSource management. Additionally, the CAB meets every other month for a web meeting and face-to-face annually at the CollegeSource User Conference. If you are interested in serving during the upcoming term, please submit an application through the following link no later than Friday, September 26th:

We appreciate your interest. If you have any questions about the CAB, feel free to contact Mindy Aufderheide at

Upcoming Training Webinar: How to use the Issue Tracker

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Join us September 30th for an informal overview of how to use the newly-revamped Issue Tracker to open and track an issue or research prior issues.

The Issue Tracker is a key component of the Support Center. It serves as a place for users to register any questions or problems they have noted in the software. These user-created issues are then addressed by the support staff and/or passed on to services or development to become a technical issue that users can follow. The Issue Tracker also serves as a repository of knowledge. It’s certainly possible that any issue you might create has been raised previously by another user, and that an answer was supplied or the work already begun. Searching the Issue Tracker is a great way to get quick answers or to see if a problem is being/has been addressed.

If you have questions in advance, you may send them to for inclusion in the webinar.

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 2:30 PM — 3:30 PM EDT
Register: *

*This webinar is specific to u.achieve/DARwin,, and Transferology clients. A Support Center account is required to register for this webinar. Don’t have one? Register here:

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