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Ron Hootman to Retire

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Ron “Red Shoes” Hootman is hanging up his signature footwear.

Ron has worked for CollegeSource twice. (Some people just can’t get enough!) His first term of service was from 1976 to 1986. At that time he worked as part of the “original four,” wearing a number of different hats as needed. Ron did anything from running microfiche duplicating machines to writing sales letters and attending conferences. After owning his own roofing company for some years, Ron rejoined CollegeSource in 2009. This time Ron joined the sales team, reconnecting with clients who were still with us from the 1970’s and 80’s as well as helping us find new ones.

Here's Ron mugging for the camera as a Southern Gentleman with his arm around a few Belles you may know (Kerry Cooper and Chris Starkey) -- User Conference 2014, Charleston

Here’s Ron mugging for the camera as a Southern Gentleman with his arm around a few Belles you may know (Kerry Cooper and Chris Starkey) — User Conference 2014, Charleston

Ron is about the most personable guy you could ever hope to meet and has more stories to tell than a shelf of library books. Entertaining clients was Ron’s favorite duty. He is an “old school” salesman in the best possible interpretation of that term, giving his absolute best and undivided attention to clients. Ron remembers everyone’s names, but he also remembers birthdays, kids’ names, hobbies, pets … and he never failed to cheer when one of our software users got a new job or finished some big project. They were always people first to Ron, and then customers.

A big thanks to Ron for his 15 years of service! He has been a fantastic colleague and we will miss him around the home office. We wish him all the best and good health in his retirement.


One for the road!

Product Updates — u.achieve® 4.2

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CollegeSource clients can view the recording of our u.achieve Suite Updates Webinar from August 5th that details the following new features and enhancements in the u.achieve Suite!

u.achieve® Suite 4.2
The u.achieve Suite 4.2 release includes a number of major enhancements within individual applications as well as across the Suite. The latest release addresses over 420 issues and adds exciting new functionality. We believe this is the most powerful update to the audit in years.

Progressive Look and Feel
The Suite now utilizes the Bootstrap framework, laying the groundwork for tablet use. The Font Awesome CSS/Font framework allows for easier customization of the web apps. Also, a new High Contrast mode was implemented to increase web accessibility.

Convenient Access to Settings in Dashboard
The Dashboard has been expanded to include a new Admin area. Now, functional users have access to some configuration settings that were previously made available only to technical staff.

u.achieve Self-Service New Features

Introducing the Program Matcher
The new Program Matcher enhancement in Self-Service compares a student’s courses against hundreds of degree program definitions at the institution to find the programs that are most closely related to the student’s academic history. This tool may help students who have lost their academic vision find a new and efficient path toward achieving a degree.

Initiating Exceptions from the Audit
Included in Self-Service with this release is a new Exception Mode, which allows advisors to initiate an exception directly from the HTML audit. Learn more about this popular feature in our upcoming Exceptions from the Audit Webinar on August 12th at 2pm EDT.®  and Schedule Builder Updates Enhancements 
Clients now have the ability to set MINIMUM_CREDITS and MAXIMUM_CREDITS per course with Variable Credit Hours, create multiple grade lists within Course Specific Planned Grades, and define pre/co-reqs using AND or OR. Also, a new Registration Cutoff Date setting within the year/term configuration in defines an end date for the current term, preventing users from creating a new plan beginning with that current term or editing the current term on the plan.

A More Powerful Way to Build Schedules
The Schedule Builder now includes an Auto-Generated Schedules feature that provides students with numerous suggested schedules based upon their selected courses and personal preferences.

Want More Detail?
Visit the Support Center for complete release notes on the u.achieve Suite:

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