The Last Workshops for 2013

Jul 09, 2013

uAchieve The Last Workshops for 2013Don’t wait until 2014 for training! There are two more workshops in 2013 with a few seats left:

Plus, if you or a colleague attended a workshop earlier in 2013, your institutional discount is available until the end of the year! For each workshop attended, your institution receives a discount on each subsequent workshop purchased during the calendar year:

  • 1st Workshop: $980
  • 2nd Workshop: $880 (10% off)
  • 3 or more Workshops: $680 each (30% off)

Product Updates – May 2013

Jul 09, 2013

GPA in®

u.achieve® 4.1.3
The u.achieve 4.1.3 release was made available on May 24,2013. The latest release includes a new report library including 15 templates for reports on transfer articulation, batch, exceptions, etc. u.achieve 4.1.3 also includes updated support for Java 7 along with new COM field FMRTITLE, New DPMASKCTL options, and updates to COM field LISTALL OPTION V. Additional updates included or specific details can be found below.® 4.1
In the 4.1 release, is now capable of Plan and term level GPA Calculations. With the new GPA Calculator you can also set a GPA goal based on the GPA you would like to receive, the GPA you are able to achieve based on an average GPA per term, or set the GPA goal to the maximum possible GPA.

For detailed release notes, please log into our Support Center:
u.achieve 4.1.3 4.1