TES® Updates Are On the Way!

Jul 09, 2013

New TES Features


Those of you who use TES on a daily basis will want to attend one of the upcoming webinars highlighting the collection of new features slated for release on August 1st.*

Changes include:

  • Date ranged equivalencies (supplements catalog date-ranges)
  • View-only equivalency finder for staff
  • Vastly improved equivalency searching in all views
  • Duplicate evaluation task notification
  • Existing equivalency notification
  • Notes only groups
  • Utility for finding/removing duplicate equivalencies

To register, visit the News>Webinar Schedule portion of our website, or look for webinars listed under the “support” menu in TES.

* The new version and old versions of the TES site will run concurrently for a short time to allow users to familiarize themselves with the new features.

Did U Know? COM Table Defaults and Special Characters

Jul 09, 2013

Did U Know? COM Table Defaults and Special CharactersYou Can Look Up COM Table Field Defaults in the Support Center?

We have published a document in the CollegeSource Support Center that lists all COM Table fields with their default values. This document includes new COM Table fields that have been introduced by u.achieve and indicates when the default value is different in DARwin and u.achieve. It is the second document in the grid on the u.achieve Functional Documentation page.

Certain Special Characters Can Cause Interactive Audit to Have Trouble Displaying Titles?

With DARwin, ampersands and apostrophes in the Category Name, Requirement Name, Web Title, and sub-requirement text lines cause formatting problems in bar charts. The plus (+) or forward slash (/) symbols may be used in place of the ampersand, and the grave accent or ”backtick” (`) may be substituted for the apostrophe. With u.achieve, apostrophes no longer cause any problems.

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