2013 User Conference – Call for Proposals

Dec 06, 2012

We are seeking presentations about how your campus uses CollegeSource products to help in the areas of: graduate programs, retention, recruitment, reporting, NCAA, academic planning, transfer articulation, term conversions, student tracking, graduation, and state policies and mandates.

If you have another topic of interest or success story that you are willing to share, we welcome all submissions.  The annual CollegeSource User Conference continues to be a successful event year after year thanks to the commitment and dedication of our user community.  The conference is a great opportunity to share your experiences, ideas, and success stories with colleagues as well as learn about future goals from the CollegeSource staff.

We encourage you to share what you have learned and make the conference even stronger by submitting a proposal for a 45-minute presentation.  Above are several topics we believe will contribute to an interesting and educational agenda.  Please consider organizing a panel discussion, submitting a joint presentation with a colleague, or sharing your personal experience to help make 2013 our best conference yet.

Submit all session proposals for consideration by Friday, February 1, 2013.  We will begin the notification process shortly after receiving the submissions.

2013 CollegeSource Request for Proposals Form

Thank you in advance for your participation!

2013 User Conference - Call for Proposals

Did U Know?

Dec 06, 2012

The Alternate View is GONE in u.achieve® 4.1
Functionality that was “hidden” in DARwin sub-requirements is now available without need for an “alternate view.” Sub-requirement screens now include a row of tabs for accessing the functionality without using the Alternate View icon. (In fact, the icon has been removed from the toolbar.)

Where expanded information is accessed by a “more” button (as on the Grade Master Table), there is now a “less” button on the expanded screen to return you to the main screen. F4 will also still work.

screenshot of sub-requirements tab

You can now clone students in u.achieve® 4.1
The clone student functionality has been activated in u.achieve 4.1 to allow you to make copies of student records for test purposes. Cloning students works just like other cloning functionality, just make sure to give your “new” student a unique Stuno before saving.

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