Client Advisory Board News

Jul 24, 2012

uAchieve Training WorkshopsThe Client Advisory Board (CAB) consists of CollegeSource product users who serve as liasons between CollegeSource and the community of clients. The CAB aids in disseminating information to product users, collects feedback from clients, and provides critical commentary on software development plans.

Join the CAB!
CollegeSource is in the process of expanding the CAB, adding two client representatives to the five already serving. A number of individuals expressed interest in joining the CAB at the 2012 User Conference. The CAB would like to make sure that clients who were not at the conference also have an opportunity for consideration. Interested individuals should email one of the CAB members by August 31st. Information about CAB member responsibilities and benefits is found in the “CAB Kit.”

Watch the CAB Forum.
The CAB would like to engage all CollegeSource users in conversations on topics of critical interest to the community. Make sure you are “watching” the Client Advisory Board forum thread.

  • Log into the Forums.
  • Click “Client Advisory Board.”
  • Click the binoculars icon or “Watch this forum” text at the bottom, left of the screen.

To ensure that you will be notified when new postings appear, adjust your notifications settings.

  • Click “My Profile” under the “CollegeSource Community Forums” menu at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to the radio buttons (Yes/No) at the bottom of the page.
  • Click “Yes” on “Send e-mail notification when posts get answered” and “Yes” on “Send notification for all new messages.”

AACRAO Acknowledges CollegeSource Contributions to Transfer

Jul 15, 2012

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) recognized CollegeSource’s contributions to transfer at the AACRAO Transfer Conference in Chicago this June 30 – July 3. As the sole sponsor of the conference for the first two years, CollegeSource added its energy to AACRAO’s in establishing the conference as a critical resource for the staff of institutions of higher education who deal with transfer on a daily basis. CollegeSource has continued as the primary sponsor through this, the fifth year of the conference, and has been a key factor in the conference’s success.

Lee Furbek,  AACRAO Transfer Conference Director, presented the award during the opening session, along with some kind words about the company’s more than 40-year history in providing resource-saving solutions to higher education. Lee highlighted the company’s drive to save colleges millions of dollars annually through collecting and archiving catalog data in a convenient and easily-accessible format. Since the 1970’s, the CollegeSource database has grown to encompass more than 60,000 catalogs online, and its portfolio has expanded to cover degree audit, student planning tools, and an array of transfer-related solutions.

CollegeSource crew at AACRAO Transfer: Mindy Aufderheide, Melanie Smith, Troy Holaday, Annette Crone