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Jun 28, 2012

Introducing a monthly tips & tricks column for CollegeSource products.

  • You can get statistics on what users are requesting about your school in u.select
    To see statistics for general usage, equivalencies, and programs, log in with your Administrator account and go to the Statistics link at the top of the page.  For more u.select tips, we offer a free online tutorial for u.select advisors—pass it along!
  • AND’d courses aren’t really “AND’d” in hours- or GPA-based requirements in u.achieve/DARwin
    The requirement to complete a “set” of courses created by the And (&) MATCHCTL value is only honored when the requirement is looking for count (a count of sets). If the requirement is looking for hours or GPA, it can be satisfied without completing an AND’d set.Find out even more about ANDs in the 2012 User’s presentation Ands, Ors, and Ranges—oh MY.
  • You can share your own tips and tricks
    Send tips about any of our products that you’d like to share with your fellow users to ChrisS@CollegeSource.com and you could win a guest author spot in this column!

U.acheive and College Source

Kentucky Launches Transfer Website Powered by CollegeSource

Jun 08, 2012

On Wednesday, June 6th, the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education in conjunction with CollegeSource, Inc., launched its website for college-to-college transfer, KnowHow2Transfer.org.

The website is designed to communicate in-state transfer scenarios, including course-to-course equivalencies and degree pathways linking Kentucky’s community and technical college associate degrees to related baccalaureate degrees offered by its public universities. Through the website, Kentucky students can also explore credit awards for Advanced Placement and College Level Examination Program tests.

Kentucky Launches Transfer Website Powered by CollegeSource

State legislators, university and college presidents, and the staff of the Council on Postsecondary Education gathered at the council offices in Frankfurt to officially launch the site. Council President Bob King promises that KnowHow2Transfer “takes the guesswork out of transfer,” saving students time and money in pursuit of a degree. Dr. Michael B. McCall, President and CEO of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, called the site a “big deal,” heralding a new era of cooperation between Kentucky’s community colleges and universities.

KnowHow2Transfer.org utilizes data from TES®, the Transfer Evaluation System designed by CollegeSource and used by thousands of campuses nationwide. TES® draws on the company’s database of more than 50 million course descriptions to aid credit evaluators in making accurate and speedy decisions that benefit transfer students.

The Council produced the attached press release on Wednesday.