New and Improved Training from CollegeSourceU

Aug 03, 2012

New and Improved Training from CollegeSourceUThis year we have invested in improving our training based on your feedback. Experience the results by participating in one of our onsite or online training offerings:

  • u.achieve® Transfer Articulation Online Tutorial
    August 6-17 and November 5-16
    New format, new content, and a new name! This introduction to TA encoding is the first step to understanding the breadth of the u.achieve transfer functionality.
  • u.achieve® Basic Encoding Online Tutorial
    September 10-21 and October 8-19

    New encoders, managers, and IT support staff will benefit from this high-level introduction to basic u.achieve use.
  • Transfer Articulation Encoding Workshop
    October 16-19
    Join us in October to participate in the new TA workshop! As with our other workshops, we put extensive time into revitalizing the materials to create a better experience for participants.
  • u.achieve® Intermediate Encoding Workshop
    December 4-7
    Due to increased demand, we are hosting this workshop a second time this year! Come see us in December for the “beyond basic” approach to u.achieve/DARwin encoding.

Timing is everything! For clients who can’t attend one of our scheduled training opportunities, we’ve created Best Practice Guides.

Best Practice Guides contain step-by-step instructions and tips for best use of the u.achieve software based on our training workshop content. Guides for basic and intermediate content are available now for institutional purchase. We anticipate releasing the TA guide late fall/early winter. View sample content online.

For more details on CollegeSource training, visit CollegeSourceU.

“Can’t Miss” Webinars for Clients!

Aug 02, 2012

u.achieve® Upgrade Webinars for Clients, College Source SoftwareCollegeSource offers new product demo and training webinars each month. Due to their popularity, two session topics from the 2012 User Conference are being reworked as virtual presentations for the entire client community.

  •® Updates
    August 21
    Implementation Consultant Melanie Smith will cover updates that have occurred over the past year. Learn about new features and facts.
  • u.achieve® Upgrade: What it Takes
    August 30

    Director of Services & Support Ayman Rabi will highlight the project management phases of a u.achieve upgrade, including kick-off, analysis, installation, implementation, quality control, and migration to production. This webinar is geared toward technical users, though functional users will still benefit from the process overview.