Training News!

Apr 12, 2012

College Systems uAchieve

Your training needs are changing and you’ve been asking for new media. We’ve been listening and are excited to announce new offerings in 2012:

New: Best Practice Guides for basic and intermediate u.achieve training. Electronic versions of the guides used in workshop training will be available for purchase on an institutional basis soon! They were designed for encoders who can’t be away for a week of training or as a refresher for those who were originally trained in DARwin.

Updated web courses. Our degree audit and transfer articulation web courses are undergoing content updates and cosmetic surgery that will make them more current and easier to use. Watch for these in summer, 2012.

New: Online Workshop Training! Although we still believe the best way to learn is with the guidance of our Senior Consultants, we recognize that people have different learning styles and coming to us/hiring a consultant may be time- and cost-prohibitive. As a way of bridging this gap, we will be converting our u.achieve Basic Encoding workshop into an online format. We hope to offer our first online workshop in late fall, 2012.

Thank you, clients, for a great 2011!

Dec 21, 2011

CollegeSource would like to thank its incredible clients for another amazing year. We’re the bread and you’re the jam. Without you we’d just be toast. We look forward to serving you in 2012 and getting to know you better at trade shows and the annual user’s conference.

You, our users log over 5,000 hours a day of activity on the CollegeSource on-line tools and thousands more on CollegeSource software installed at your institution. Every year millions of students are affected by what you do. Thank you for your loyalty and for allowing us to be a part of your work!

Our Transfer Week Webinars were a success, thanks to you!