Product Updates – uAchieve 4.5.3

Sep 12, 2019

uAchieve by CollegeSource

Have you seen what’s newly improved? The latest uAchieve 4.5.3 update was released on September 10, 2019. Although this is a maintenance release, we’ve successfully addressed over 300 enhancements and improvements across the uAchieve applications! The uAchieve 4.5.3 release focuses on offering more flexibility and assistance for upgrading clients by cutting down time and effort required for customizations.

  • New custom audit templates
  • New Financial Aid Report
  • Upgraded Audit Comparison Tool
    • Now incorporates Batch criteria and Batch results into the Audit Comparison Tool
    • New security role CS_BATCH_POPULATION added for the new population area in Self-Service
  • New Year/Term configurations to the Admin help area
    • Advanced editing of year/term template files from the XML into the database added the ability to make year/term institution code combinations
  • Improved Program Matcher with increased accuracy
  • Java customizations
  • Eliminate text-only view across all of the uAchieve applications
  • Now includes support for 64-bit uAchieve Client installation
  • Various server enhancements

Want More Detail?

See the complete release notes for uAchieve 4.5.3:

Seeking Transferology Schools to Test PeopleSoft Integration

Sep 11, 2019

Seeking Transferology integration testers

If your campus uses Transferology and the PeopleSoft Academic Advisement degree audit, we are looking for your help!

CollegeSource has worked with a PeopleSoft consultant to build a degree audit interface with PeopleSoft Academic Advisement. The interface will allow students to see how their transfer work would apply toward degree requirements. We are looking for a few of our current Transferology subscribers who also use Academic Advisement to work with us to test this integration. Alpha testers will get this integration at no extra cost (no implementation or additional subscription fees) and be the first schools to provide the additional functionality to their students.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Mindy Aufderheide, VP of Business Development, at