The following webinars are offered on a regular basis. Check the schedule to find a date and time that works for you. To discuss custom training options, please contact us.

Transferology: Helping Students Know How Their Courses Will Transfer
Approximately one out of three students will transfer throughout their collegiate career. Is your institution prepared to capture these students? Transferology is a NEW hosted solution that provides colleges and universities with a national presence for recruiting students and sharing transfer articulation information. Transferology allows students to easily enter in coursework to see how their credits will transfer to member institutions. Join us to learn more about what Transferology can do for your school.

Transferology Lab for Administrators
This webinar will provide users with the role of School Administrator an overview of the Transferology Lab features.

Transferology Lab for Transfer Specialists
This webinar will provide school officials with the role of Transfer Specialist with an overview of the tools available to them in Transferology Lab.

Transferology Lab for Recruiters and Advisors
This webinar will provide users with the role of Recruiter and/or Advisors an overview of the Transferology Lab features.

Transferology Lab: TES Evaluation Integration
Would you like to target the courses from other institutions for which students most want transfer answers? If your school has an active TES license, you can view TES evaluation information in Transferology and accomplish this goal. TES Evaluators in TES Mode may create evaluation tasks from courses appearing in two areas of the Transferology Lab, including the Course Bundles area and the Unknown Equivalencies page. Learn what this integration can do for managing your transfer evaluation review processes.