While our best practice recommendation is to join us at a workshop or bring one of our trainers to your campus, we know that isn’t always the ideal option for you. So we have created the next best thing: a way for you to get the training you need when you need it.

Intended Audience
This course is for the beginning encoder and is appropriate for ANY version of uAchieve or DARwin. It is also an appropriate pre-cursor to the uAchieve Intermediate Encoding Workshop.

Course Content
The uAchieve Basics Online provides the same content as our in-person uAchieve Basic Encoding workshop—including hands-on exercises—delivered via web browser to your computer screen.

Specific lesson content includes:

  • Navigation tips and tricks
  • Building and testing a degree program
  • Defining courses in uAchieve
  • Allowing/restricting course repeat and reuse
  • Processing flow
  • Collecting and reporting “excess” courses
  • Interpreting credit ranges and limits
  • Adding course conditions
  • Defining relationships for cross-listed, duplicate, and equivalent courses
  • Adding date ranges and different catalog year work
  • Handling student exceptions
  • Adding supplemental requirements, such as minors, multiple majors, honors, etc.
  • Computing total hours
  • Enforcing residency
  • Customizing the audit

Pricing and What’s Included
The uAchieve Basics Online Workshop is $750 and includes:

  • A full month of learning (most people finish in an average of 20–25 hours).
  • Self-paced instruction: work on the course when it’s convenient to you!
  • Assistance from support staff.

How to Register
Registration takes place through the Workshop Registration page in our Support Center (login required). Once you’re logged, use the drop down to select your workshop of choice. Complete the form and click Submit. You will receive an email confirmation with further instructions.

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