By Popular Request: TES® User-Added Send is here!

You asked, we listened. • Users would ask us, “Will you ever have a way that we can add courses to TES that we see on transcripts but that aren’t in the institution’s catalogs?” and “What if a catalog doesn’t exist for a school?” Well, now we have an answer with the new TES User-Added Send feature!

The Course List Report in TES Has a New Index

A Course List Report can serve a variety of purposes. It can work as a planning document for a new Transfer Articulation Agreement or to show a student how their specific transfer courses are being counted.

Transferology Lab: Setting Up Program Requirements

Would you like prospective transfer students to see the requirements for programs that they are interested in at your institution? Would you like to be able to link to those requirements right from Transferology™? This feature has always been available to every school, but now it just got way easier to manage using the new Manage Programs feature in Transferology™ Lab! Check out this discussion of the new feature and learn how you can add a static list of programs or a list of programs with links to the requirements on your website.