Styling Public View with CSS in TES 4.0

Over 3 years ago we introduced the ability for users to use CSS to customize the look and feel of their TES Public View. Read more to learn about the latest changes in TES that are helpful to know when customizing.

The Transfer Week Webinar Series Was a Success, Thanks to You

Each day of National Transfer Student Week, Oct. 15-19, 2018, CollegeSource hosted free webinars with Higher Ed insiders discussing a variety of transfer topics. Thank you to all of our presenters and attendees who helped make this Transfer Week Webinar Series a success.

Managing Employee Transitions in TES

Employee transitions can be hard. If the changes will mean you need to remove or modify someone’s TES access, there are a few things you should consider to ensure things run smoothly.

The Wizards Are Coming Back!

The Wizard Bar is hosted by the “CollegeSource School of Codecraft and Encoding Wizardry.” Get your questions answered by our Wizards at the Annual Conference!

Finding Information on TES Enhancements

Our developers are continually evaluating and implementing enhancements to TES. We inform you about major changes in this newsletter, but you can also review recent changes or find enhancements in the future in our support center.