Product Updates – uAchieve 4.5.3

The uAchieve 4.5.3 update released on September 10, 2019, focuses on increased flexibility and assistance to upgrading clients by cutting down time and effort required for customizations.

We’re Looking for a Pilot School to Field Test a New App

Each year hundreds of thousands of high school and college students, their parents, and counselors struggle to stay on top of deadlines. The list of dates to keep track of is long, and missing an important deadline can derail a student’s plans and progress toward a degree. There’s the FAFSA, class registration, admissions applications, scholarship opportunities, tuition payment schedule, drop and withdrawal deadlines, etc. That’s why we created Cue365, an app to help students Get Alerts and Stay on Track. We’re looking for pilot schools.

New Reports for uAchieve in the Cloud Clients

The cloud has many benefits including security, scalability, control, stability, and lower carbon footprint. With the fully hosted uAchieve degree audit and student planning system, not only do you get all the benefits of the cloud, but you also get more insight into your system.

Big Announcements from CollegeSource! [VIDEO]

Each year at our Annual Conference we have the opportunity to share exciting updates and make announcements to a live audience, which is so much fun! This year was especially full with milestones and achievements across our products and within our user community. Check out our highlights!

By Popular Request: TES® User-Added Send is here!

You asked, we listened. • Users would ask us, “Will you ever have a way that we can add courses to TES that we see on transcripts but that aren’t in the institution’s catalogs?” and “What if a catalog doesn’t exist for a school?” Well, now we have an answer with the new TES User-Added Send feature!