Community Honors Jim Steele

Jul 05, 2012

The Associate Registrar for Student Records at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jim attended his first workshop in 1989 and virtually every User Conference since 1990. His ready smile and thoughtful demeanor put everyone around him at ease. New members of the community found in Jim an eager listener, and experienced users found him to be full of practical advice.

James “Jim” Steele, a treasured member of the user community, lost a 25-year battle with CREST (Scleroderma) on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012. Jim was 59.

When I started attending conferences around 2001, Jim was one of the first personalities I came to associate with the community and the company’s products. I quickly realized that at the core of everything Jim said was genuine concern for students’ success. I looked forward to connecting with him every summer and not seeing his face in the crowd at this year’s conference was extremely hard. I’m sure many other community members felt the same.

Donations from users during the conference amounted to $480, after a dollar-for-dollar match by CollegeSource. The money was given to the Scleroderma Foundation on July 5th on behalf of the “DARS/CollegeSource User Community.”

Product Updates

Jul 05, 2012

CollegeSource is constantly working to improve the performance and features of its products. Enhancements offered in the latest major releases include:

Update 6/4/2012
General usability improvements in this release include status lines on all evaluation tasks to reflect last completed operation, a link to course version history in each evaluation task, and other minor tweaks. Kentucky launched their site, a custom product design by CollegeSource which relies on TES® data to deliver equivalency and degree pathway information to students. (See related story).

Release 4.0.16, 5/11/2012

The CollegeSource team greatly increased the overall performance of the audit. This release also includes new/re-designed reporting code.®
Release 2.1.1, 4/16/2012
This release includes significant performance increases and page-response time, as well as modifications to the user-interface for improved consistency. Administrators may search for students using both first and last name (instead of just one or the other). Plans now display the date, time, and “approved by” stamps.®
Release 4.3.7, 6/6/2012

With this release, students are presented with the ability to “opt-in” for the purpose of receiving information directly from institutions about campuses and programs in which they express interest. Part of this process includes email verification to ensure that the requested information can be delivered and reaches the intended recipient.

Clients may log into the Issue Tracker for detailed release notes.
u.achieve® 4.0.16® 2.1.1® 4.3.7