“Can’t Miss” Webinars for Clients!

Aug 02, 2012

u.achieve® Upgrade Webinars for Clients, College Source SoftwareCollegeSource offers new product demo and training webinars each month. Due to their popularity, two session topics from the 2012 User Conference are being reworked as virtual presentations for the entire client community.

  • u.select® Updates
    August 21
    Implementation Consultant Melanie Smith will cover u.select updates that have occurred over the past year. Learn about new u.select features and facts.
  • u.achieve® Upgrade: What it Takes
    August 30

    Director of Services & Support Ayman Rabi will highlight the project management phases of a u.achieve upgrade, including kick-off, analysis, installation, implementation, quality control, and migration to production. This webinar is geared toward technical users, though functional users will still benefit from the process overview.


Client Chatter

Jul 28, 2012

California State University Northridge Goes Live with u.direct®
Students at California State University Northridge (CSUN) now have the ability to build academic plans through u.direct. In the last year CSUN advisors have created 230 roadmaps to guide students in planning their academic careers. The resulting course-demand data will likely help CSUN administrators plan a more efficient and student-friendly schedule of course sections and times.

Users Conference Pictures Now Available
Photos from the CollegeSource 2012 User Conference are now available on Facebook.

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