Carty Ellis to Retire

Dec 17, 2011

CollegeSource extends its congratulations to Carty Ellis on the event of his retirement. We will miss Carty. He has been a valuable part of our organization for many years. You may not have seen the last of him though. Carty and CollegeSource have worked out an arrangement to keep the dust off of his keyboard. He will occasionally be performing work on contract when his valuable (and increasingly rare) knowledge of COBOL is needed.

Carty has given us the following message to share with clients.

To all my DARS friends,

On December 31, 2011 I am retiring from CollegeSource.

It has been great to meet so many wonderful, smart people over the last twenty years, eight as a client of DARS and twelve from this side. There have been many good times at Users’ Conferences, Sungard Summit, seeing you at Training sessions and lunches, and working individually with many of you. I will treasure those times.

Margo and I plan on traveling some. I will get to work in my Pottery Studio again, make some furniture and just enjoy life.

Good luck and God Bless all of you.

Carty Ellis

KY Statewide Website to go Live in January

Dec 15, 2011

KY Statewide Website to go Live in January

CollegeSource has been supporting the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education and its member institutions in their effort to launch a statewide website. The site, will feature a complete listing of equivalencies between the public 2 and 4-year institutions.

In addition to course-to-course transfer equivalencies, the site will display transfer pathways illustrating how a student can complete two years of selected coursework in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and then transfer to one of the public universities of Kentucky to complete a baccalaureate degree in the related major.

Among the data available at the site is a listing of the minimum scores required on AP and CLEP exams to earn college credit.

The state is eager to begin advertising the site and empower the students of Kentucky to make more informed choices in registering for courses with the intent to transfer. An additional benefit for the state is the ability to sift through data on the number of equivalencies formed by the institutions each year and calculate institution responsiveness through the Evaluation Tracker tool provided within CollegeSource’s Transfer Evaluation System (TES).