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Jan 14, 2021

If you want to sharpen your TES, Transferology, uAchieve, or Schedmule skills, look no further than our free weekly webinars! Throughout 2021, CollegeSource will be offering a variety of webinars featuring all of our products. These may include basic demonstrations, specific feature overviews, new release tours, or other one-time special topic events. Join us from the comfort of your own desk for professional development, tips and tricks, and even live Q & A to get all of your questions answered by our in-house experts!

At CollegeSource, we want to ensure that you are getting the most out of all of our products—the more we can help you, the more you can help your students! That is why our webinars are always free.

Register for a Webinar

Upcoming webinars include:

TES® 101: An Introduction to the Transfer Evaluation System
Transferology®: Helping Students Know How Their Courses Will Transfer
Transferology® Lab Training: Recruiter and Advisor Roles
Transferology™ Lab Training: School Administrator Role
Transferology® Lab Training: Transfer Specialist Role
Transferology® Lab: TES® Evaluation Integration
TES®: Office Hours
Schedmule™: Build Class Schedules with Confidence and Ease
uAchieve®: Degree Audit, Academic Planning, and Schedule Building

For more info and to register for any webinar, visit collegesource.com/webinars.


Welcome to 2021 – A Message from the CollegeSource President

Jan 14, 2021

It would not be overstating things to say that the last 12 months have been challenging, for all of us. Standing at the threshold of a new year it is hard not to be daunted by what comes next. Obviously, we still have a lot of climbing to do in order to get out of the trough plowed into our economic and cultural landscape by the pandemic and political division. Cooperation, trust, and tolerance are all virtues that we will need in abundance to make this climb, but we will also need some creativity.

I think we all know that “normal” on the other side of this will be different. The new normal is something we aspire to reach, but no one is sure quite what it will look like yet! This is where our ingenuity and imagination needs to kick in. We are facing an opportunity to leave things behind that no longer make sense and to build new structures in work and education as in all other facets of life. For each challenge we need to first think about how to do it better, rather than seeking to make people and processes conform to pre-COVID routines.

Working Remotely from Home

As much as any company could have been, CollegeSource was ready for the disruption of 2020. We managed to weather it with energy for the work of 2021 and are eager to lend our strength to our institutional partners. Are you facing a new challenge or having a hard time seeing a way forward for your institutional mission? Talk to us. Our greatest joy as a company comes from seeing our clients use the tools we make in clever and helpful new ways. Like you, we are in the business of creating well-rounded, employable, and successful citizens for tomorrow.

Welcome to 2021. I hope it brings great things for all of us.

Troy Holaday,
CollegeSource, Inc.