CollegeSource Announces Latest TES Solution Enhancements, Driving Rapid and Reliable Transfer Credit Decisions Across Higher Education

May 11, 2021

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All-in-one Solution for Evaluating and Tracking Transfer Credit Now Includes Advanced Course Equivalency Creation Capabilities and Powerful Analytics

PRESS RELEASE | SAN DIEGO, MAY 11, 2021 – CollegeSource, the higher education industry’s most trusted provider of transfer and degree achievement solutions, today announced key enhancements to its comprehensive TES® transfer evaluation and articulation system. Driven by industry demand, CollegeSource has introduced advanced course equivalency creation capabilities for incoming transfer courses, actionable transfer evaluation analytics and a new customer service helpdesk platform that includes in-app contextual help.

Used by more than 1,500 higher education campuses, including Lone Star College System (TX) and Minnesota State Colleges and University System, TES streamlines the transfer credit evaluation process for collegiate administrators, facilitates faculty decision-making, and enables institutions to establish an unlimited number of validated course equivalencies for rapid and streamlined transfer credit decisions.

“The academic journeys of higher education students are more fluid today than ever. Students utilize multiple institutions and credit sources, choosing the ones that best meet their needs at any given moment, with the end goal of combining them to earn a degree or certificate. The complex process of evaluating transfer from multiple sources can be cumbersome and inconsistent if handled manually,” said Troy Holaday, president of CollegeSource. “TES enables institutional leaders to use comprehensive data and powerful workflows to make uniform and timely transfer equivalency decisions – ensuring that all students are treated fairly and allowing students to begin coursework at their new institution as quickly as possible.”

The latest TES features automatically search each transfer course for keyword alignment with potential equivalent courses across an institution’s multiple catalog editions. These new features accelerate transfer credit decisions and empower institutions to help students determine optimal degree paths based on credits awarded. Additionally, new analytics inform institutions regarding their evaluation response times and identify workflow bottlenecks for improvement, based on the decision-making practices of faculty and other transfer stakeholders.

TES takes the guesswork out of transfer credit decisions by empowering higher education professionals to quickly research and locate course descriptions, route and track all transfer evaluation tasks to faculty and administration, and manage and communicate course equivalencies. Utilizing the largest higher education course catalog database in the industry with nearly 130,500,000 courses compiled and maintained by CollegeSource, the solution employs powerful algorithms to generate lists of likely equivalencies between institutions. Additionally the company has proactively met the federal government’s information and communications technology (ICT) Revised 508 accessibility standards with its Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT™).

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About CollegeSource

CollegeSource is the higher education industry’s trusted provider of transfer and degree achievement solutions. For nearly 50 years, CollegeSource has led market-changing transformation by inventing and investing in technology solutions that aid the staff and students of higher education in their quest to plan and complete academic careers. As the archiver of the nation’s extensive higher education course catalogs, CollegeSource’s degree audit, academic planning, and transfer credit evaluation solutions are depended on by more than 2,000 institutions and millions of individuals worldwide. Founded and led by higher education and technology veterans, CollegeSource is a privately-held company based in San Diego with offices in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information, please visit


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Level Up Your 2021 Conference Experience with a Pre-Conference Session

May 07, 2021


There is less than two months to go until the 2021 CollegeSource Virtual Conference, June 21st – 23rd, and we are excited to announce there are currently over 1,350 Higher Ed professionals registered! If you have not yet had a chance to register, there is still time and space available. The general conference admission is free to all users of CollegeSource products and is an excellent way to train, network with your peers, and connect with our staff.

Last Call for Sourcie Nominations

At the conference, we will be honoring our next round of Sourcie recipients, so send us your nominations! We encourage you to nominate your own school or anyone you know who is finding great success for staff and students through the use of TES, Transferology, uAchieve, or Schedmule. Submit a nomination by the deadline on Friday, May 14th.

Pre-Conference Learning Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss

Get the most out of this year’s conference by registering for a virtual pre-conference session. These sessions will take place daily the week before the virtual conference, or June 14-17, for a small fee. As always our pre-conference sessions provide an opportunity to receive focused training on specific features of our products. If you have already registered and you are still interested in attending a pre-conference session, you can still do so by modifying your current registration.

Additional details on this year’s pre-conference sessions are below.

The uAchieve Audit Start to Finish: Processing Behind the Audit

June 14th from 1pm – 3pm ET | Presenter: Kristen Patrick **SESSION FULL** Wait list available.

The five phases of the audit (Match, Adjust, Limit, Second Adjust, Second Match) may be the most known part of audit processing, but the phases are just a part of the processing behind an audit. uAchieve processes student data, COM and other global table data table, transfer articulation, duplicate policy, exceptions, and program/requirement data when creating an audit.

We will start our session with an overview of the audit processing flow so we get an understanding of the order and process of each step. Then we will look at each step in detail while following an example set of coursework through an audit.

This session is to help encoders understand the underpinnings of the full audit processing to better inform encoding decisions and troubleshooting efforts. All levels of encoding experience are welcome, but we will touch on some Intermediate level topics.

Encoding for Progress Toward Degree

June 15th from 1pm – 3pm ET | Presenter: Don Meyers

uAchieve supports encoding that identifies courses used toward requirements and those that are electives. Progress toward completion and remaining hours to completion can also be determined.

This encoding supports better advising, as well as the ability to report such things as courses and hours eligible for financial aid, veterans certification, continuing athletic eligibility, and state mandates or limits related to the number of hours that may be counted toward completion of a program.

Give Your Students the Roadmap to Academic Success

June 16th from 1pm – 2:30pm ET | Presenter: Don Dudley

Our uAchieve Planner software allows for students to plan their college career. Learn how to build great roadmaps to help them graduate on time. We will look at ways to get your Planner implementation ready to go for students and advisors.

TES Administrator Certification

June 17th from 12pm – 5pm ET | Presenter: John Panzica

This certification course will cover the “Why” of TES, the Transfer Evaluation System by CollegeSource. Included in this certification will be four hours of directed webinar (plus a 1-hour break), as well as four additional sessions required throughout the conference covering some of the functional areas within TES.

Areas include:

  • Implementation strategy: Sample events and elements that may need to be considered
  • TES Architecture: How TES is structured and how some of the features are organized
  • TES Feature Summary: What’s under the hood
  • The Evaluation Tracker: Understanding the workflow in TES
  • TES Configuration: What can you customize
  • The Public View: Why and how should you deploy a public view of your stored equivalencies
  • TES Connections: What support is available, Thoughts on Data Management and Integration
  • Additional resources

If you have any questions about the pre-conference sessions offered, please email

We look forward to seeing you at the virtual conference!