• The nationwide network that provides students with personalized answers about where their college credit will count.

    Membership in the Transferology network gives institutions of higher education a nationwide presence for recruiting students and a venue for publicizing transfer articulation information. Transferology assists advisors, students, and parents in making educated decisions when transferring credit. Students can enter coursework and instantly see how credits transfer to member institutions.

    Student Access

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  • Transferology in 5 minutes

  • The student side of transferology is a great tool for students to be able to look at several schools at once to see how the courses they have already taken would transfer into a program. Popular courses are also a great benefit for us. It allows us to see what is being searched for and where we want to start making AB agreements.
  • Creating an account is free for students and the responsive design makes information accessible using any device.

  • Membership is Easy

    Joining the Transferology network is quick and straightforward. Equivalencies stored in TES® or uAchieve® will appear automatically in Transferology, but any school can participate, regardless of student information system, through equivalency imports.

    Useful Feedback

    Grow your transfer articulation intelligently. Powerful reports identify student coursework for which you have not yet established equivalencies.

    More than Courses

    Why stop at promoting college-to-college equivalencies? Transferology also promotes articulations for military occupations and courses, advanced placement courses, and college level exams.

    Transfer Scenarios

    Staff can build bundles of coursework that
    represent common transfer scenarios and reference them for advising.

    Qualified Leads

    Students can easily request additional information from your institution, ensuring you are connecting with prospective students. Embed one of our referral badges on your website to ensure your institution is at the top of the results list.

    Pays for itself

    Recruiting just one transfer student with Transferology can more than justify the entire year’s subscription!

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