Specific product features can be explored through the articles and videos on our Support website. Our training resources are continually updated and refreshed with major product releases.

TES Training Videos are short tutorial videos that provide snippets of information about the various areas of the tool. Divided by functionality, the videos are meant to quickly answer your questions about how something works.

Transferology Training Videos provide both snippets and in-depth information. Divided by user role, the videos are meant to answer your questions on how to use the product features available with that permission level.

TES and Transferology help documentation is designed to help users in a step-by-step, easy to read format that includes screenshots and links to related articles for easy navigating.

uAchieve Best Practice Guides are PDF guides that are designed for our uAchieve clients to use as an encoding reference/refresher as well as to keep up on new and improved functionality. Guide topics include Basic and Intermediate Encoding, and Transfer Articulation. Note: To access this documentation an account is required. Request one.

Schedmule End User Videos have been provided to help all audiences quickly learn the ins and outs of the course scheduling application.