This tutorial presents a high-level overview of uAcheive; transfer articulation (TA) concepts and encoding for the new transfer evaluator or the experienced evaluator who is new to uAchieve/DARwin, and is applicable for all versions of the software. The course is a learn-at-your-own-pace reference and is accessible any time to anyone with a current license. This tutorial is free, requires no registration, and takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete. Login to the uAchieve Support to get started.

Topics in the Transfer Articulation (TA) Encoding Tutorial include:

  • TA table set up and terminology
  • TA rule encoding and evaluation processing
  • “Target” and “source” Institutional Reference Table (IREFs) encoding and grade definitions
  • Composite grade handling for unalike and passed/not passed grade values
  • Condition code assignment using the IREF and Transfer Articulation Tables
  • Institutional flag interpretation for source and target courses
  • The relationship between TA and degree audit processes, uAchieve/DARwin tables, how transfer courses apply to degree program requirements, and where to store articulated course work

For in-depth training of encoders who will be using uAchieve/DARwin for daily transfer duties, we strongly recommend the TA Workshop that can be taken at our Cincinnati training facility or delivered by trainer at your campus.