While our best practice recommendation is to join us at a workshop or bring one of our trainers to your campus, we know that isn’t always the ideal option for you. So we have created the Self-Paced uAchieve Basic Encoding Training, a month-long self-paced instructional program that you can participate in from the comfort of your office.

Intended Audience
The Self-Paced uAchieve Basic Encoding Training is for the beginning encoder and is appropriate for ANY version of uAchieve or DARwin. It is also an appropriate pre-cursor to the uAchieve Intermediate Encoding Workshop.

Course Content
This training provides the same content as our in-person uAchieve Basic Encoding Workshop—including hands-on exercises—delivered via web browser to your computer screen.

Specific lesson content includes:

  • Building and testing degree programs
  • Defining courses
  • Allowing/Preventing course reuse
  • Understanding the Grade Table
  • Understanding uAchieve processing
  • Reporting excess courses
  • Interpreting credit ranges
  • Encoding for student choice
  • Adding course conditions
  • Defining course relationships (equivalencies)
  • Adding date ranges
  • Accepting different catalog year work
  • Handling student exceptions
  • Adding supplemental information (e.g., additional majors, minors, etc.)
  • Changing course IDs
  • Computing total hours and enforcing residency
  • Encoding for the web

Pricing and What’s Included
The Self-Paced uAchieve Basic Encoding Training is $699 and includes:

  • A full month of learning (most people finish in an average of 20–25 hours).
  • Self-paced instruction: work on the course when it’s convenient to you!
  • Assistance from support staff.

How to Register
Within the Workshop Schedule, select an upcoming Self-Paced uAchieve Basic Encoding Training.

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