CollegeSource employs a diverse, dynamic, and experienced workforce.

CollegeSource is an equal opportunity employer. To us that means that we assess each individual’s suitability to contribute to the company’s culture, goals, and products without regard to that person’s age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, beliefs, etc. We believe that diversity in our workforce gives us a broad perspective, helps us relate to a similarly diverse client base, and makes us more resilient to changing external factors.

Because we foster a positive work environment that embraces diversity and is family-friendly, we enjoy an unprecedented amount of employee loyalty. A third of CollegeSource’s employees have been with the company for a decade or more and a full 20% of the employees have been with the company at least twenty years! Long term employment leads to accumulated knowledge, skills, and powerful, long term relationships between employees. We value mentoring and cross-training as well as developing talent from within the company. As veteran employees take on new roles and responsibilities in the company, newer employees step up and into the open positions that veterans leave behind.

The CollegeSource workforce also embodies the voice of experience. Our employees have more than 245 combined years of work experience earned in previous careers in an institution of higher education. That’s an average of more than 3 years per employee. When clients tell us about their achievements or struggles, we really “get it.” This experience is the most relevant factor in our efforts to supply clients with products that directly address their institutional challenges and processes that “make sense” within the natural rhythms of colleges and universities.