uAchieve 2020 Training Survey: Get What You Need

Jul 01, 2019

Before we wrap up 2019 and finalize our 2020 encoding workshop calendar, we want to make sure we are meeting your uAchieve encoding training needs in terms of levels and dates needed. If you have an existing uAchieve or DARwin installation and think you will need in-person, workshop-style training for new encoders due to retirement, replacement, or backup roles in 2020*, please take a few minutes to fill out this very short survey telling us:

  • The level of training you anticipate needing
  • Your preferred timing for such training
  • What else we can be doing for you from a training standpoint

Fill out the 2020 uAchieve training survey and let your voice be your vote:

*NOTE: If you have already filled this survey out for your institution (via email or Questions)—THANK YOU—and you do not need to do so again.

Disaster Recovery Plan for uAchieve in the Cloud

Jul 01, 2019

Cloud Recovery Plan

Smart businesses plan for disasters to ensure minimal data loss and downtime. In this article, we’ll discuss disaster recovery (DR), the different types of DR plans, uAchieve architecture and the DR plan for uAchieve in the Cloud in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What is a DR Plan?

A disaster recovery plan involves a set of policies, tools, and procedures that enable the continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster.

If and when disaster strikes, you need a well-tested recovery process in place to quickly access and restore your company’s backup data.

uAchieve Cloud DR Plans

For uAchieve in the Cloud, we have two disaster recovery plans in place. This allows uAchieve to be very resilient in the event of a disaster.

The first plan involves a scenario where one or two data centers – Availability Zones (AZs) in “Amazon-speak” – becomes unavailable. This plan covers us in the case of a localized outage of services, which is far more common than the second level of planning below. The AZs would have at least one or more instances running one or more component of uAchieve. The impacted instances could be the uAchieve Engine, uAchieve Web Applications, or uAchieve Database. In such a case fail-over to another datacenter in the same zone is automatic; it should occur within seconds and without data loss.

The second plan involves a scenario where the North Virginia region of AWS becomes unavailable. This is, obviously, some serious disaster planning. We are talking real Act-of-God, terrorist, or World War III stuff. In such a case, all used resources and services need to be in another region in advance to ensure ability to be restored easily and quickly. This level of planning borders on the paranoid, but we have not only planned for such an event, but we tested it. IN less than 30 minutes we can have your uAchieve Cloud software up and running in an entirely different area of the country.

Read our full Disaster Recovery Plan, including details about the uAchieve AWS architecture, database, storage, web apps, imaging, and environment diagrams →

We’re Prepared

When a disaster occurs, we have prepared the way for your uAchieve Cloud infrastructure to be automatically restored in another AZ or even into the Oregon region (across the country from where it is hosted today). If the disaster is isolated to some AZs within N. Virginia, the current DR setup in AWS will handle the recovery with no interruption of services or loss of data. If the entire N. Virginia region becomes unavailable, the Oregon region has been provisioned with all the needed images, RDS snapshots, autoscaling groups, load balancers, and DNS records. The restoration time in Oregon will be less than 30 minutes and data loss will be limited to RDS changes made since the last snapshot.

We never hope for a disaster to occur, but when it does, uAchieve in the Cloud will be ready and your applications and data will be restored quickly and with minimal loss.