Announcement: The 2021 CollegeSource Annual Conference Will Be Virtual Again

Jan 14, 2021


While this announcement will likely not come as a surprise, we have decided to host our CollegeSource Annual Conference virtually this year. This user training event is typically held in San Diego each June, and we were especially looking forward to this one as 2021 marks our 50th year in business. Even with hope on the horizon in terms of the pandemic, we know institutions have travel restrictions in place, and there have been cuts to professional development budgets. 

In 2020, like many other organizations, we pivoted as quickly as possible and moved our event online. It was no small feat but quite successful; nearly 1300 people registered to attend, many for the first time because it was online and free of charge. We hope to build on that experience and the feedback we received to deliver another excellent training experience for our user community. We have invested in a new platform that we hope will enhance the experience and provide even more networking opportunities. 

Our purpose

There are numerous reasons we host this event. We want to strengthen our relationships with our customers, provide opportunities for users to connect in a meaningful way, and provide quality sessions that help our customers build the knowledge and skills needed to be successful with our software. Regardless of how we deliver the content, our goals remain the same.

We plan to make this event free, with additional opportunities for in-depth training for a small fee. These pre-conference sessions, or mini-workshops, are longer than the average session and dive deep into specific topics. If you would like to suggest/request a specific topic, we would love to hear from you. 

Pre-Conference Topic Suggestions

Details, including the schedule and how to register, will be released in the coming weeks. If you have any conference-related questions and suggestions, please email

Learn About CollegeSource Solutions – From Anywhere!

Jan 14, 2021

If you want to sharpen your TES, Transferology, uAchieve, or Schedmule skills, look no further than our free weekly webinars! Throughout 2021, CollegeSource will be offering a variety of webinars featuring all of our products. These may include basic demonstrations, specific feature overviews, new release tours, or other one-time special topic events. Join us from the comfort of your own desk for professional development, tips and tricks, and even live Q & A to get all of your questions answered by our in-house experts!

At CollegeSource, we want to ensure that you are getting the most out of all of our products—the more we can help you, the more you can help your students! That is why our webinars are always free.

Register for a Webinar

Upcoming webinars include:

TES® 101: An Introduction to the Transfer Evaluation System
Transferology®: Helping Students Know How Their Courses Will Transfer
Transferology® Lab Training: Recruiter and Advisor Roles
Transferology™ Lab Training: School Administrator Role
Transferology® Lab Training: Transfer Specialist Role
Transferology® Lab: TES® Evaluation Integration
TES®: Office Hours
Schedmule™: Build Class Schedules with Confidence and Ease
uAchieve®: Degree Audit, Academic Planning, and Schedule Building

For more info and to register for any webinar, visit