Just Added: TES Administrator Certification Workshop at the Annual Conference

May 13, 2022


Become certified as a TES Administrator in San Diego!

Due to the number of requests we have received, we will be offering the TES Administrator Certification workshop at the CollegeSource Annual Conference this June in San Diego, CA. This pre-conference workshop will take place Monday, June 27th, and consists of two 2-hour intensive sessions. Following this, attendees must attend the required 45-minute sessions listed below throughout the remainder of the conference to achieve certification by the week’s end.

Ready to take your skills in TES, the Transfer Evaluation System, to the next level? If you would like to participate in a professional development opportunity while networking and training with your peers from institutions across the country, this pre-conference workshop is for you. The two-part course is just $200 to add to your conference experience and will be your only chance to participate in an in-person environment this year. Don’t miss out!

Learning Outcomes

At the close of training, certified TES Administrators should be able to:

  • Plan and maintain a TES implementation
  • Assess and express TES benefits relative to their own institution
  • Build an effective TES team
  • Understand the fundamental TES processes and data architecture
  • Recognize the potential of TES data and understand the possibilities for integration
  • Weigh the benefits and risks of publicly expressing equivalency data

Required Sessions

  • Mon. Pre-Conference (9am-11am) TES Administrator Certification, Part 1
  • Mon. Pre-Conference (1pm-3pm) TES Administrator Certification, Part 2
  • Tue. (10:45am-11:30am) TES Updates
  • Tue. (1 pm-1:45 am) TES Annual Maintenance: How to Keep Your Implementation of TES Healthy
  • Wed. (2 pm-2:45 pm) Using TES to Improve Partnerships and Articulation
  • Thur. (8am- 8:45am) TES User Habits and Trends: a Data Deep Dive

Recommended Sessions

  • Wed. (9 am-9:45 am) Bridging Worlds: Using TES, Transferology & uAchieve Together
  • Wed. (10 am-10:45 am) Group and Group Reports Workshop
  • Wed. (2 pm-2:45 pm) User-Added Courses in TES: It Works Both Ways!

Register for the TES Administrator Certification Workshop

If you wish to participate in the TES Administrator Certification workshop, please add the workshop item during online registration for the in-person conference. If you’ve already registered for the conference, you may modify your registration by clicking the ‘Already Registered’ button at the bottom of any conference website page and logging in to add and pay for the workshop.

Transferology 1.9.3 Release: What’s on the Horizon

May 13, 2022


Product Updates – Transferology 1.9.3

Transferology 1.9.3 is scheduled for release on May 17th, 2022. This release will contain over 250 enhancements and improvements to Transferology and Transferology Lab. Please read below to see what to expect in 1.9.3 and what we have planned to help you learn more about this new release.

What’s New

This release focuses on security while maintaining Transferology’s user-friendly interface. Security vulnerabilities have been addressed, and security protocols, software libraries, and applications have been updated.  These changes allow for the delivery of a faster, more responsive, and more secure user experience.


  • Minimum password strength requirements are enforced.
  • Email alerts are sent when users change their password, update their email or cancel their account.
  • Users can filter and sort their Favorite Schools.
  • Accessibility improvements have been made throughout.

Transferology Lab:

  • Passwords will expire after one year, bringing Transferology Lab and TES’ password expiration policies into alignment.
  • The Undergraduate certificate award option within Profile View has been relabeled as Undergraduate certificate/diploma.
  • Users will receive an email alert when a Course Bundle is shared with them. There is also now an option to share Course Bundles with multiple or all lab users.
  • Export capabilities within Transfer Equivalencies have been improved. Users can now choose between exporting all of an institution’s equivalencies or just those on the current page they are viewing.
  • Within Manage Source Schools, users can now connect multiple institution codes to one linked school. This will enable students at institutions with multiple campuses to better find Match results.

How to Learn More

These are just some of the highlights for this release. Check out the opportunities below to dig deeper and learn more about 1.9.3:


Sign up for the live webinar below:

Transferology 1.9.3: Learn the Latest Product Updates
When: May 24th, 2022, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM PDT

Register for Webinar

Release Notes

A more detailed explanation of new developments in 1.9.3 will be provided in the Release Notes, available on May 17th.

Annual Conference

Join us at the 2022 CollegeSource Annual Conference in San Diego (June 27-30) or virtually (July 18-20), where we will discuss what’s new in Transferology and where this product is headed in the future at the following sessions:

Transferology – Where We’ve Been, Where We Are Going
When: June 28th, 2022, 2:00-2:45 PM PDT (in-person)
When: July 18th, 2022, 1:00-1:45 PM PDT (virtual)