• A modern academic planning tool that allows students to build personalized term-by-term plans on their path toward graduation.

    Define Plans. Track Progress. The uAchieve Planner validates courses in students’ plans against existing uAchieve® Degree Audit data to make sure courses meeting degree requirements to define a clear path to graduation. Students can use existing degree requirements or term-by-term roadmaps to build their own personal plans, helping them stay on track to meet their educational goals. The creation of term-by-term plans in turn provides the school with aggregate data needed for demand analysis and classroom scheduling.

  • Increased Retention & Graduation Rates

    Technology that directly engages students in academic planning increases their investment in their own future. The uAchieve Planner helps students make educated decisions in course selection, keeps them on track in completing their degree requirements, and ultimately prepares them to graduate on time.

    Interactive Planning

    Students use advisor-prepared roadmaps to look up course descriptions, review available sections, and create term-by-term plans. All this planning is accomplished through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

    Degree Audit Validation

    No more wasted courses! The uAchieve Planner works with existing degree audit data to ensure student plans meet academic requirements.

    Enhance Student Advising

    Students can work independently or in collaboration with an advisor to build a personalized academic plan that is validated against the degree audit data for completion verification. Advisors and students can document important conversations with the built-in notes feature which ensures accountability and maintains a healthy channel of communication.

    Capture True Course Demand

    Captures course demand, enabling institutions to analyze aggregate data for the purpose of creating more efficient facility and faculty utilization. Institutions can better satisfy student course needs while increasing operations efficiency.


    The uAchieve Planner takes the guesswork out of planning. Warnings and notifications ensure students are staying on track to meet plan goals.

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