• Build class schedules with confidence and ease.

    The latest cloud offering from CollegeSource, Schedmule is a dynamic scheduling platform that helps students plan their academic term. Students can build class schedules manually or let Schedmule’s powerful algorithm automatically generate combinations based on preferences. The modern platform allows students to connect with friends to share schedules, and take them on the go with calendar exporting.

  • Introducing Schedmule

  • Schedmule Remembers

    Schedmule displays pre-requisite and co-requisite courses and allows students to select time preferences, instructor preferences, view classes friends are taking as well other factors to help them make the best schedule possible based on thousands of course offerings. A live connection to the course data means students can view seat availability and wait lists. 

    Sharing Capabilities

    Schedmule allows students to share with friends or to see the schedules that friends have shared with them, so students can coordinate schedules and build a study network! The intuitive interface lets students know which courses friends have already selected.

    Advisor Access

    Advisors can see student schedules to help you make the best choices based on your choice of major and academic strengths.

    Calendar Options

    Students can import a schedule into their electronic calendars, or easily and quickly share it with friends, family members, and employers. And, when it’s time, students can push their schedule into the school’s registration system!

    Schedules with Preferences

    Create schedules that take into consideration your personal preferences. Block out work, sports, and other time commitments. Spread classes out or cluster them in the fewest number of days as possible. Set the minimum/maximum number of courses the student wants to take. Mark courses as mutually exclusive (either/or, not both). Indicate which instructors are preferred, and view which sections friends have chosen.

    SIS Agnostic

    Schedmule is designed to interface with popular student information systems and can be adapted to work in most legacy systems as well. Implementation involves making data connections to institution’s SIS and SSO/Security system; ask for more details to find out which integration points are available for you and your school.

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