• An all-in-one solution for researching transfer credit, tracking evaluations, and managing equivalencies.

    Research Courses. Track Evaluations. Empower Transfer. TES, the Transfer Evaluation System from CollegeSource, is the premier interactive resource for course data from institutions of higher education. TES empowers users to quickly locate course descriptions; route and track the evaluation process; store, manage, group, and publicize the resulting equivalencies; and employ powerful algorithms to generate lists of likely equivalencies between institutions.

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  • Research

    Millions of course descriptions, institution profiles, and a detailed history of catalog changes at your fingertips!  No more visiting hundreds of sites to get the information you want.  TES® makes your process more efficient and allows you to make better use of valuable staff time.


    The Evaluation Tracker in TES® provides a convenient workflow for routing equivalency decisions to faculty.  All user actions and the results of the process are stored for later review and to provide account administrators with a snapshot of the institution’s responsiveness to transfer credit.  Add consistency and accountability to your institution’s evaluation process.

    Manage Equivalencies

    Stage equivalencies between any number of courses, match to user-defined generic courses, proactively explore equivalencies using powerful algorithms that generate potential matches for you.  Managing equivalencies was never easier!

  • Course Change Explorer is a powerful feature that allows you to compare an institution’s courses from one catalog edition to another.


  • This was a VERY worthwhile webinar. I was just looking up course descriptions and that was about it. My jaw almost dropped to the floor when you demonstrated the Equivalency Manager. This is the answer to my “Articulation Agreement” prayers!