• A flexible degree audit system designed to track progress toward degree completion and certify students for graduation.

    Engage Students. Track Progress. Accelerate Graduation. uAchieve is an online degree audit system that allows students and advisors to track progress toward degree completion while highlighting the remaining courses and requirements needed to graduate. As a hosted solution, uAchieve ensures both students and the institution have accurate, complete, and personalized information for achieving their educational goals in a more stable, secure, and cost-friendly environment.

    Now in the Cloud

    Same powerful product, the difference is in the service.

    • Less responsibility for functionality and up time • Routine upgrades and faster implementation
    • Far less IT involvement and expertise needed • Dedicated CollegeSource technical and functional support
    • No fixed investment or hardware maintenance • And most importantly, better performance!

    NEW: Transcript Importer

    The Transcript Importer automates the process of entering transcript course data into uAchieve. Staff previously charged with manually adding transfer courses to individual student records now have a way to expedite the process, reduce risk of human error, and turn around transfer evaluations to prospective students in a timely fashion. This feature is only available in uAchieve 4.5.2 and above.

  • Keeps Students on Track

    Students can visualize degree progress through charts and graphs, view course descriptions, easily navigate degree requirements, and run “what-if” audits. Additionally, staff at your institution will be able to easily and accurately analyze degree audit data through the uAchieve report template library.

    Handles Any Requirement

    In addition to facilitating multiple majors, minors, concentrations, and other supplemental information, uAchieve also handles exceptions, substitutions, waivers, test scores, non-course requirements, and more. This flexible degree audit also offers NCAA tracking and monitoring for athletic eligibility and financial aid verification.

    Evaluate Credit & Store Equivalencies

    With Transfer Articulation (TA) in uAchieve, you can store course or program-specific equivalencies as well as statewide transfer rules and agreements. Identify Home (Target) or Transfer (source) courses, treat Transfer courses differently than Home courses in an audit report, translate grades and credit from Transfer-to-Home values, and more!

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